Lanna                            Farida

                                                                     Certified Instructer                                        Deep tissue 

                                                                                        Healing Techniques                                           Pain Relief

                                                                                                Pain Relief                                                    Slimming


Meet  our experienced Thai massage specialists. Between them they have many years experience, working in some of the best Spas around the world. Their main expertise is the techniques learnt by working for years with  the Master teachers found in the Chiang Mai area of Thailand. Previously known as Lanna, the area has some of the finest Master teachers in Thailand specialising in healing and pain relief techniques. Frangi and her staff have spent years learning these techniques and they welcome you to their spa. 



Thea - " Excellent treatment.   Must go! "


  Helen Bosman - " I have had the pleasure of three visits to Lanna Ladies Thai Spa and

what a fantastic authentic Thai massage experience.  I will definately be going back.

 Well worth becomming a regular."


 Andrea - " A wonderful Thai experience.  The decor and aroma reminded me of

Thailand and I felt as if I was back in Phuket. I have enjoyed the Lanna Herbal compress

Thai massage.  Just out of this world!   Thanks Frangi "